June & July will be Jumpin’ at the Okeene Library

The June event calendar below shows the days, times and ages for the big summer reading program—All Together Now!  Kick off day will be Monday June 5th at 10:00.

 In addition to these events the library will host a reading challenge for everyone.  This challenge will also begin on Monday June 5th and continue until Monday July 31st. Pick up your reading logs on Monday June 5th.  The more you read the bigger the prizes will be at the Reader’s Quick Trip located in the library. Books must be checked out from the Okeene Public Library to participate.

Starting July 10th, the library will have Crafty Monday, Puzzle Wednesday and Lego Champ Fridays.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30 to 5:00 come be creative! These activities will be open to everyone to create at their own pace.